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Hi, I'm Marcia. I create with passion.

My goal is to tell meaningful stories that influence and resonate with people. I believe that illustrations can bring change, inspire viewers, and evoke their hearts and thoughts.

Through vivid playful colours I aim to discover new worlds, bringing out the soul hidden deep within the virtual brush strokes. The vibrant yet balanced scenery carries the potential to create a bond with the audience, inviting you to discover more of what remains unseen within every illustration.

My full name is Martyna Chmielewska. I'm a freelance illustrator and

a comic artist who specialises in digital art.

Ever since 2015 I've been doing freelance, working with independent publishers, and occasionally creating merchandise designs for various companies. As time progressed I developed a desire to tell my own stories and in 2017 I began publishing a web-comic, The Clockmaster, as well as running a business and producing my own merchandise.

Although I am of Polish nationality I moved to the UK to study illustration in Bristol, which is where I reside for most of the year.

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Phone: +48 725 148 922

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