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Hi, I'm Marcia.
I create with passion.

My goal is to tell meaningful stories that influence and resonate with people. I believe that illustrations can bring change, inspire viewers, and evoke their hearts and thoughts.

Through vivid playful colours I aim to discover new worlds, bringing out the soul hidden deep within the virtual brush strokes. The vibrant yet balanced scenery carries the potential to create a bond with the audience, inviting you to discover more of what remains unseen within every illustration.

My full name is Martyna Chmielewska. I'm a UK based freelance illustrator and a comic artist who specialises in digital art.

Ever since 2019 I've been doing freelance, working with independent publishers and clients on games such as Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans.


In my free time I focus on long term personal projects which more often than not take the form of graphic novels. My most prominent work is The Clockmaster, a coming of age story in which the world of medicine meets that of coding.

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