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I believe that every successful project is based on a working relationship between the client and the artist with trust and respect at its core. Through clear communication and mutual understanding all illustrations have the potential to transcend their original concept.

To commission me: 


Please read the information below thoroughly and contact me via e-mail at

Your e-mail should include the following information:

  • description of your idea/project,

  • necessary references (ideally, you should use a dedicated google drive folder to provide them),

  • purpose of the final picture (so I have the general idea of what we’re going for).

It is not necessary to include all of the above information, however have in mind that the more specific you are, the more I’m able to meet your expectations. Basically, if there’s something you want to see in the picture - tell me about it. If there’s a particular style of mine that you’d like to see, feel free to refer to one of my previous artworks.

Please contact me only if you have the money to pay me. Alternatively, you can tell me how much money you want to spend, and I’ll tell you what I am able to do for you.

A commission/price includes:

  • several concept sketches/thumbnails for you to choose from,

  • colour/value schemes and detailed line art,

  • the finished piece in full resolution as well as optional access to the original PSD file.

I will make sure that you stay informed about the progress of your request which grants you high flexibility with your idea at any stage of the work. I am willing to go back and edit/tweak the work several times to fully meet your expectations of the final product. 

About prices and payment:

After you state the idea of your project and we discuss the details of it I will estimate how much time it will take me to finalise it and then give you the approximate price. The final price depends upon your request and the amount of detail in the piece, AKA the time I will spend rendering a picture.

Commissions are paid via PayPal invoices (payment requests) that will be sent to your email. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can pay them with your credit/debit card or bank account.

During the payment you are obligated to cover the PayPal payment fee (tax) which amounts to 6%.

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